Osaka / Kyoto

On day 3, Davide and I arrived in Osaka. We were some of the first passengers off the ship as we were on a mission to zip of to Kyoto for the day. The nearest subway station was a few blocks away so we headed there to buy a day-pass. We picked up our day passes, took a few subway lines, and found ourselves at the Osaka train station. Can I just say, thank goodness for Google Maps! Google Maps has been a life-saver as far as helping us get around Japan.

So – The Shinkansen! We took the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Osaka to Kyoto! There is definitely a reason they call it the bullet train. It’s like flying in an airplane, except on the ground. Buying tickets was a bit challenging but I just kept pressing buttons on the machine until some tickets spit out. Look, it was a major accomplishment to make it from the cruise terminal to Kyoto, via Shinkansen, in once piece. Honestly though, Japan really does have the entire system optimized for easy travel. People offered to assist with the ticket machines and subway maps several times which was also a pleasant surprise.


After arriving in Kyoto, we took a subway up to the Imperial Palace. Ok, we MIGHT have stopped for some ramen before the trek across the street to the Palace. The ramen in Japan is, as you would imagine, amazing!

Tenkaippin Imadegawa

OK, with full tummies, we walked across to the Imperial Palace:


On the way back to Osaka, GUESS what I found in the Kyoto train station!! Yup – Krispy Kreme!!! hahaha!! Yep, I had to get a few.

We made one quick stop at Don Quijote to load up on more Japanese items before heading back to the ship. They have tons of flavors of Kit-Kat so I got pretty much all the ones they make. <blushing> I’m not sure what the little triangular jelly-squishy things are in the top-left of the picture but I believe they may be sweet (?). Coffee in a can is a thing over here so I picked up a few of those as well. 🙂


OH! Before I forget…. This shoe store in the train station had these funky Japanese shoes I tried on. I thought they might help with all the walking but they were just too god-aweful-looking to wear. Oh, and they weren’t even that comfy. :-/

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