Sakaiminato / Mizuki Shigeru Road

Two quick things before I forget (again):

  1. I’ve been meaning to link to this: Our ship’s current location. In case we get lost or some Somali pirates come over and get us.
  2. Internet access while at sea is holy-freaking-hella expensive. This blog is going to cost $1,000 to post. I hope people enjoy this…

On Wednesday the 2nd, we docked in Sakaiminato in the pouring rain. Japan Customs was set up in little makeshift tents with their laptops, passport scanners, cameras, and a bank of portable generators, all standing in about 2 inches of water on the dock. It’s a miracle we all didn’t get electrocuted.

Davide and I cleared customs as a “Family” (married couple). When the little Japanese customs inspector realized how we were identifying as a couple (we pointed to our wedding rings), she lost her marbles. You’d have thought she had seen a two-headed unicorn shitting out gold coins. She just started smiling, clapping, and squealing for joy. Apparently married men are a rarity in Japan (?). Regardless, we were allowed entry into the country (again). 🙂

SO! Apparently Sakaiminato is known for Shigeru Mizuki, a Japanese manga author and historian. I didn’t know this… We walked down Mizuki Shigeru Road. Oh!! This reminds me, back up a bit. Davide and I were interviewed by a news crew after clearing customs. They were like “Why do you come to Sakaiminato?!?” and “What are you excited to see while you are here?!?”

— Blank stares from both of us —

I just looked at Davide, hoping he would come up with something. Thankfully, he did “We’re here to see the little bronze statues….”  In the back of my mind I was just thinking “Hell, I don’t know! The ship stopped here and we didn’t have a choice, plus I want more ramen…” Those words, miraculously, did not pass my lips; miracles do happen.

Back to Mizuki Shigeru Road. It’s a quaint little street with shops and awesome little bronze statues affixed to giant granite stones.

We just walked around for a bit, waiting for a ramen shop to open. It really was a cute little area.

We found our ramen (YAY!!!!) which was most yummy at まぐろラーメン本舗 太陽軒. I’ll let you try to pronounce that… I just call it “The ramen shop on the corner.” They spoke very little English and only accept cash but no worries. Davide and I have become quiet comfortable with ordering ramen over the past 10 days or so. (Finger pointing, head nodding, and smiling – works great!) 😁

A pic of the scenery and the junk food I bought. I wish I knew more about this Japanese cartoon stuff… The characters seem kinda cool, at least from the picture on the candy boxes.

I’ve seen these all over the place so I had to take a picture. As someone mentioned (he doesn’t want to be credited for this hilarious comment), “It’s like Squatty Potty for poor people.” 😂😂


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