Hakodate / Muroran

On days 8 and 9 of our 16-day cruise, we stopped in Hakodate and Muroran, respectively. Rather than booking shore excursions through Princess, we browsed the top things to do in each city via TripAdvisor upon arriving at each port. TripAdvisor and Google Maps have been life-savers! ha! After arriving, we took a shuttle bus to the Hakodate train station. The station is centrally located and placed us in walking distance to the tram (public transit).

In Hakodate, we had a few choices but decided upon seeing Goryokaku Park and Goryokaku Tower. We had just missed the cherry blossoms but the area was still beautiful.

After checking out the tower and the park, we walked across the street to Ajisai Shokudo for some Shio ramen. I might have mentioned this in an earlier post but the general rule of thumb is this: any place with a line out front is generally worth waiting for. We found that to be the case at least. We waited in line for about an hour, in the freezing cold, but the ramen was worth the wait. We fumbled around with the ramen ticket vending machine (didn’t get a pic of that, sadly) but we did at least get pictures of our tickets.

We took a tram back to the train station, a bus back to the ship, and witnessed a beautiful sunset before departing for Muroran.

The weather in Muroran was pretty nasty (cold and rainy) so our goals for the day were to stop by a pharmacy for bath products and to find a good curry ramen place.

After a quick search on TripAdvisor, Davide found the #1 restaurant in Muroran – Ajinodaio Muroran. As expected, we waited out front for about 30 minutes before space opened up inside. The curry ramen was probably our favorite ramen the entire trip. The spice was just perfect! There wasn’t much to do in Muroran so we just ate, stopped by Sapporo Pharmacy for a few bath products and face masks then headed back to the ship.

Muroran was our last stop in Japan before embarking upon our Pacific crossing. Leaving Japan was a bit sad but I’m sure we’ll be back soon to explore more. 🙂


  1. Awesome trip to Japan. Glad to read that you had some good curry Ranen to help overcome the cold weather. I look forward to hearing about your next trip.. Best regards Backpack @DanielRoyBaron from @MyHumanCompass


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