It’s Solowheel Time!

While at an event a few weeks ago, Davide met Rose who works for InMotion USA. Rose brought her Solowheel Glide 3 (Aka InMotion V8) along with her and was showing it off to everyone. Of course Davide snapped a pic and immediately sent it to me. We’ve been looking for fun ways to get around downtown so he knew I would be ALL over THIS one… And I was…


I did a bit of research while he was at the event and watched several YouTube videos about electric unicycles. They looked like SO much fun!!! As soon as he got home that night, we each ordered one. 🙂

Less than a week later, they had arrived and even came with cool neoprene protective sleeves! (As it turns out, these are VERY important to use while learning…)


Prior to their arrival, Davide and I watched Jeff’s YouTube video at least 5 times, trying to prepare ourselves for what we imagined to be a bit of a learning curve. Yes, there is definitely a learning curve with these.

Now look, I’m not going to lie… These things take quite a bit of practice and a LOT of patience. With that said, once you get the hang of it, they are a tremendous amount of fun and get lots of attention.



The video above was our first day outside of the house practicing with our new toys. We used the handrail by the water to practice going back and forth and even ventured into the grass to try a few of Jeff’s recommended learning steps. Davide was more successful than I but we both had a wonderful time!

We reached out to Rose who had offered a personal training session at their headquarters in town and immediately took her up on the offer! (Thanks Rose!!!)

Training with Jeff

We drove up to the Miramar area and got to meet Jeff, the person we had watched so many times on the YouTube videos, in person! It was so great to finally get to meet him and chat about our progress and challenges.

Jeff gave us some outstanding advice and spent about an hour or so guiding us arm-in-arm around the parking lot of their building. I can’t begin to express how impactful that training session with Jeff was in our learning to ride the Solowheel. Watching videos are great but that one-on-one time was invaluable. Thank you so much, Jeff!!



Since meeting with Jeff, Davide and I have been practicing a bit around our condo downtown. We both have made great progress but still have a ways to go. More videos to come shortly. 🙂

So here’s my advice regarding learning to ride electric unicycles:

  1. If physically able, you CAN learn to ride them!
  2. They are SO much fun!!
  3. You will need to devote time and have patience to learn them
    1. See #1
  4. You WILL think “I can’t do this! I give up! I wasted my money! etc…”
    1. See #1
  5. You’ll probably end up with bruised ankles and calves
    1. See #1 and #2
  6. DO NOT GIVE UP!! It’s like learning how to snowboard. Just give it time. 🙂

7/8/18 Update video:


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